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15 terms

Greek Theater

Deus ex Machina
"God from the Machine." A god is lowered (usually from a crane / "mechane") to resolve the conflict which is otherwise impossible to solve. Now it means any arbitrary from of resolution.
A wheeled wagon used to bring in characters who died offstage
A group of actors who stand away from the main action and and comment on it in usually general terms
play dealing with elevated, poetic style with events that depict man as the victim of destiny, yet above it. Also a serious fiction work, especially drama, that presents the downfall of the protagonist (usually better than ourselves) who through an error in judgment or weakness of character, or twist of fate, suffers defeat or death.
The main stage, where the main action happens
Where the audience sits
The entrances or exits where the actors arrive and depart
A large wall, containing the backdrop or scenery for the play.
A semicircular greek theater, with gradually rising seats to provide better viewing and hearing for all
In medias res
In the middle of things
The moment of self discovery or realization; epiphany
Tragic Flaw
an inherent quality in a character, often hubris, that brings upon their downfall
sometimes used with tragic flaw, it is an error in judgement or an ignorance of facts that leads to the hero's downfall or reversal of fortune, often caused by the tragic flaw
reversal of fortune
tragedy author. imitated incidents arousing pity and fear to purge the audiences emotions, so they leave feeling purged or exalted