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  1. Soho District of London
  2. Eatonton, Georgia
  3. Chicago,Ilinois
  4. The Color Purple, Everyday Use
  5. Irish
  1. a Where was William Blake born?
  2. b Where was Alice Walker born?
  3. c What was Yeats nationality?
  4. d Where was Sandra Cisneros born?
  5. e Major work by Alice Walker

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  1. What is Langston Hughes birthdate?
  2. What is W.B. Yeats birthdate?
  3. Where was Sherman Alexie born?
  4. What is Alice Walker birthdate?
  5. What theatre was Yeats most known for?

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  1. San Fransico , CaliforniaWhere was Alice Walker born?


  2. Alice Walker


  3. St Johns Antigua, West IndiesWhere was Jamaica Kincaid born?


  4. William Blake and Percey ShelleyWho was Yeats major influences?


  5. 17 syllabus, 3 line, dont have to rhyme, describe the nature of feelingWhat makes up a Haiku?