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  1. Zora Neale Hurston
  2. 1966
  3. Wellpinit, Washington
  4. Songs of Innocents and Songs of Expirence
  5. The Second Coming, Nineteen hundred nineteen , among school children
  1. a
  2. b What is Sherman Alexie birthdate?
  3. c Major work by William Blake
  4. d Major work by W.B. Yeats
  5. e Where was Sherman Alexie born?

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  1. What is Claude McKay birthdate?
  2. What is Langston Hughes birthdate?
  3. Who was Yeats major influences?
  4. Name the Songs
  5. Where was Robert Frost born?

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  1. 1944What is Jamaica Kincaid birthdate?


  2. Their Eyes Is Watching God, Sweat, spunkMajor work by Zora Neale Hurston


  3. Sandy mount, Country DublinWhere was W.B. Yeats born?


  4. The House on Mango Street, loose women, bad boysMajor work by Sandra Cisneros


  5. Abbey Theatre