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  1. 1865
  2. The Color Purple, Everyday Use
  3. 1891
  4. St Johns Antigua, West Indies
  5. The House on Mango Street, loose women, bad boys
  1. a What is W.B. Yeats birthdate?
  2. b Major work by Sandra Cisneros
  3. c What is Zora Neale Hurston birthdate?
  4. d Major work by Alice Walker
  5. e Where was Jamaica Kincaid born?

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  1. What is Jamaica Kincaid birthdate?
  2. Where was Alice Walker born?
  3. Name the Songs
  4. What is Sherman Alexie birthdate?

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  1. Jamaica, West IndiesWhere was Claude McKay born?


  2. 1944What is Alice Walker birthdate?


  3. The Second Coming, Nineteen hundred nineteen , among school childrenMajor work by W.B. Yeats


  4. Their Eyes Is Watching God, Sweat, spunkMajor work by Zora Neale Hurston


  5. Notasulga, Alabama