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The tree in your backyard is home to two cardinals, a colony of ants, a wasp's nest, two squirrels, and millions of bacteria. Together, all of these organisms represent ?

a community

Which of the following about ecosystems is false

Bacteria and fungi recycle energy within an ecosystem.

A consumer eating a producer represents

A transfer of chemical nutrients and energy.

The formation of systems typically results in the appearance of novel characteristics called.

Emergent Properties

Which of the following is correct

differences among organisms reflect different nucleotide sequences in their dna

Which of the following is false? Living systems

Are composed of two or more cells

Members of the kingdom animalia

are composed of cells that lack a cell wall

organisms belonging to the kingdom plantae

are photosynthetic and contain cells that are surrounded by cell walls

Organisms that are not prokaryotes in the domain


Members of the kingdom fungi

include mushrooms, yeast , and decompose the remains of dead organisms.

a scientist examining a group of cells under a microscope notice the presence of nucliei within these cells. chemical tests reveal that each cell is surrounded by a wall composed of cellulose. these musst come from an organism that is a member of the kingdom


the teeth of grain eating and. this makes them suitable fir grinding and chewing meat. this iillustrates

the connection between form and function

consider the following statement: if all verterbrae have backbones and turtles are verterbrae, then turtles have backbones, this is an example of

a hypothesis

if a light switch is moved from the off to the on position, then the light will go on. this statement

A) result of deductive reasoning
b) conclusion
c)can be tested
d) can be falsified
e) all choices are cirrect----answer

you notice that over the past month, many students have started wearing a new style of school sweatshirt . you think to yourself, maybe the bookstore started selling this new sweatshirt style . this is

example of a hypothesis

A scientist performs a controlled experiment . this means that

2 experiments are conducted , one differing by the other by only a single variable

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