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which one of the following is false

the animals that extract food particles suspended in the surrounding water are called fluid feeders

what happens to the nutrient macromolecules in an animals digestive track

nutrient macromolecules are digested to monormers before absorpbtion

which of the following organisms have a gastrovascular cavity


the main function of a gizzard is to

grind food

an alimentary canal is best defined as

a tube shaped digestive compartment that has two openings and through which food moves in one direction

which of the following choices lists the organs of the bird digestive system in the correct order

esophagus crop stomach gizzard intestine anus

which of the following correctly lists the order of the organs of the human digestive system

oral cavity pharynx esophagus stomach small intestine large intestine

smooth muscle propels food through the alimentary canal proccess called


movement of food from the stomach into the esophagus is usually prevented by

the pyloric sphincter

human saliva performs all of the following functions except

hydrolizing proteins

the heimlich maneuver is perfomed to forcibly

elevate the diaphragm

what is epiglottis

a flap of cartilage that flips own to cover the entry to the trachea during swallowing

which of the following is the usual case of heartburn

reflux of acid chyme from the stomach into the lower asophogus

the parietal cells of the stomachs gastric glands secrete


which of the following mechanisms does not help [prevent the gastric juice from digesting the stomach lining?

gastrin converts pepsin into pepsinogen by a chain reaction

stomach mixes the food with the secretions of the stomach wall to form

a parietal bolus

the function of the pyloric sphincer is to

release acid chyme into the duodenum in periodic squirts

the epithilial cells lining the intestine have surface projections that increase the area for absorbtion. these projections are called


proteins are digested by which of the following enzymes


what is the main digestive function of the pancreas

it produces idigestive enzymes and bile salts

altogether, the body secretes about 7 liters of water into the alimentary canal each day what percentage of the water is absorbed

90 percent

all animals must obtain

essential nutrieds fuel to powere all body activities organic raw materials
all of choices are correct <

which of the following statemetns is false

humans store some extra energy in the form of glycogen reserves in the pancreas and spleen

organisms suffering from malnourishement

one or more essential nutrients

which of the following is not an essential nutrient


certain amino acids are called essenetial because they

cannot be made from other amino acids by the animal in quesiton.

which of the folloiwing vitamins is fat soluble


which of the following is not a characteristic of a vitamin

vitamins can serve as co enzymes

which of the following choices does not pair a mineral necessary in the diet with one of its major functions in the body?

sulfer- component of certain amino acids

a person on a fad diet experiences muscle crams and weakness. after talling with other persons about the unusual diet, a physision supspects the person most likely is suffering from a deficiency of

table salt

the minimal standards for preventing nutrient deficincies are called the


a food label indicates that the contents contatin 12 grams of carbohydrate per serving. how many grams of digestible complex carbs are there per serving of this food item


which one of the following is a homorne produced by adiposte cells and which normally helps to control appetites


which of the following is not widely regarded as a healthy approach to dieting

trimdaily carbs back to less than 20 grans oer day

to reduce ones risk of cancer, one should minumize consumption of

moldy food bacon red meat cured and smoked foods
= all of the above

which one of the following is associated with a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease

high levels of hdl

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