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Endochondral Ossification

hyaline cartilage
endochondral ossification involves the creation of osseous tissue out of models in the developing embryo made of this
primary ossification center
the site in the cartilage shaft where endochondral ossificatin begins
when the perichondrium of the cartilage model becomes vascularized in converts into this
upon conversion of the perichondrium to periosteum the underlying mesenchymal cells specialize into this
bone collar forms around the diaphysis area
the first step of endochondral ossification
step 1: the cartilage model periosteum secretes this substance which helps form the bone collar
cartilage in diaphysis area calcifies and cavitates
the second step of endochondral ossification
step 2: as the bone collar forms chondrocytes in the cartilage shaft begin to _________, signaling the surrounding matrix to caclify
die cavities
step 2: the impermeableness of calcified chondrocytes causes the chondrocytes to _____ which cause the hyaline shaft to form _____
uncalcified elongation
step 2: cartilage remains healthy in _____ portions of the hyaline model resulting in the continued _____ of the model
periosteal bud invades and spongy bone forms
step 3 of endochondral ossification
artery, vein, lymphatic vessels, osteoblasts/osteoclasts, nerve fibers, red marrow elements
contents of the periosteal bud
osteoclasts osteoblasts osteoid
step 3: the entering _____ begin to erode much of the calcified cartilage matrix and the _______ secrete _____ around the remaining fragments of cartilage
cartilage trabeculae
step 3: the secretion of osteoid around the remaining calcified cartilage fragments creates this
the diaphysis elongates and medullary cavity forms
step 4 of endochondral ossification
osteoclasts medullary cavity
step 4: _____ break up the newly created spongy bone and form the _______ w/in the center of the shaft
epiphyses elongate ossification cartilage
step 4: throughout the fetal period the _____ remain as hyaline cartilage and thus continue to ______ the bone model and thus _____ chases _____ formation along the length of the shaft
the epiphyses ossify
step 5 of endchondral ossification
right before or after birth
period in which the ossification of the epiphyses occurs
secondary ossification center
step 5: a _________ forms in each epiphysis at the start of epiphyseal ossification
calcifies periosteal bud
step 5: the cartilage in the center of the epiphysis ______ and deteriorates, opening up cavities which allow a _____ to enter
spongy bone medullary cavity
step 5: mimics the ossification process which occured in the diaphysis with the exception that the _____ is retained and no ________ forms
articular cartilage
name for cartilage left on the epiphyseal surface after endochondral ossification
epiphyseal plate
name for cartilage left at the diaphysis/epiphyseal junction