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Review of Baroque period vocal music.


instrumental interlude in an opera


vocal speech in opera, with small accompaniment


operatic solo; a song sung by one person in an opera or oratorio


men are castrated, so they can maintain high voices for opera singing


Long piece. Usually sacred. Three types: Italian, German, & English.


Written by Jacopo Peri, in 1600. Was the first known opera.


Written by Monteverdi in 1607. Changes Modes from character to character, and there's very distinct text painting at the end of Tu Se Morta.

Dido & Aeneas

Written by Henry Purcell. It's an English opera. Contains expressive ground basse text painting.

George F. Handel

(23 Feb, 1685- 14 April, 1759) Wrote "The Messiah" in 1741. Wrote 40 operas in 30 years. Born into a musically indifferent family.

The Messiah

Oratorio. Only Handel's 6th work in the genre. Written in 24 days. Wasn't originally well-recieved.


Vocal chamber music. Used in Lutheran services. Could be sacred or secular.

Herr Jesu Christ

Church contata, written by Bach in 1724.

Da Capo Aria

An aria in ternary form used in opera and oratorio in the 17th and 18th centuries. The third section is not written out byt the instruction da capo is given instead. the repear of the A section was performed with the solo ornamented.

Ground Basse

motif or phrase, repeated in one voice.

Basso Continuo

system of notation and performance practice used in the baroque period, in which an instrumental bass line is written out and one or more players of keyboard, lute, or similar instruments fill in the harmony with appropriate chords or improvised melodic lines

L'Coronation di Poppea

Seneca is the voice of reason. Poppea is trying to manipulate Nero, so she can have power. Written by Monteverdi.

Water Music

George F. Handel

Il Combatimento de Tancredi et Clorida

Madrigal about the man in battle who realizes he just fatally wounded a woman, whom he instantly falls in love with. Written by Monteverdi.

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