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Church History Chapter 6

Latin for "doer of good" and the name given to St. Boniface the missionary to Germany who set the stage for a radical reshaping of the heart of Europe
The most important episcopal see in England in the sixth century and the site of St. Augustine's mission to England.
Glagolithic Script
based on the Greek alphabet, it was developed by St. Cyril to aid his mission to the Slavic peoples
Spanish people who chose to live under Arab rule after the Muslim invasion of Spain in 711.
A sacred vestment symbolic of the fullness of Episcopal authority, worn by popes and archbishops. It is circular, one inch in width with six small crosses.
Patrons of Europe
Title given by Pope John Paul II in 1980 to Sts, Cyril and Methodius were responsible for the conversions of all of Moravia and other Slavic territories. They used Slavic in the liturgy and translated the Bible into Slavic to reach for more people.
This title refers either to a particular state in the process of canonization or to a peson's holy life
"Oak of Thor", the sacred tree of the pagans of Hesse.