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Mrs. C Grantham Batesville Junior High 7th Grade Science


A Punnett square shows you all the ways in which ____ can combine.


Mendel called plants that received different alleles for a trait from each parent ____.


In a Punnett square, a capital letter stands for a ____ allele.


Write a representation of a homozygous recessive genotype?

Gregor Mendel

The father of genetics is an Austrian monk named __________________.


In DNA copying, the bonds between the nitrogen bases are broken by a(n) ____.


Most of the life of any cell is spent in a period of growth called ____.


The chromosomes in the nucleus of a cell contain a code known as ____.

adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine

DNA contains the nitrogen bases ____.


Each human skin cell has ____ chromosomes.


Hydra reproduce by ____.


In ____ whole new organisms grow from each piece of the parent or body parts regrow.


Bacterial cells reproduce asexually by _____.


Budding and regeneration are two types of _____ reproduction.

nucleus cell

Mitosis is defined as division of a _____.


RNA structure differs from DNA in that it contains the nitrogen base _____ in place of thymine.

skin and onion

Lila wanted to observe the process of mitosis. She could see this in what kind of cell types.

prophase, metaphase, anaphase, telophase

List the stages of mitosis in the correct order.

budding, fission, and regeneration

What are some examples of asexual reproduction?


Skin cells in your body divide by the process of__________.


The process of an organism passing on its traits to its offspring is called ______________.

the red flower allele is dominant

Robert crossbreeds two plants, one with red flowers and one with white flowers. Weeks later the offspring plants produce red


In a Punnett square, the R and the r represent ___.

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