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Lateral transfer via phage.


lateral transfer via conjugation tube


lateral transfer of DNA scraps in environment


A cell that has substantial peptidoglycan on outside of its membrane

Spirochete (Bacteria)

Anerobic, Chemoheterotrophic. Corkskrewed in shape. Causes syphilis. Sister clade: all other bacteria. (First divergence)

Chlamydias (Bacteria)

Parasitic. Has "elementary bodies" and reticulate bodies. Sister clade: all bacteria other than spirochetes. (Second divergence).

Cyanobacteria (Bacteria)

Photoautotrophs, use chlorophyll-a. Basis of "oxygen revolution". Filimentous colonies have 1. vegetative cells (photosynthesizing) 2.spores (resting stages) 3. Heterocysts (nitogen-fixing). TWO photosystems, photosystem II is shed in heterocysts, O2 obstructs nitrogen fixation.

Proteobacteria (Bacteria)

Metabolically diverse.

Histones bind DNA

A synapomorphy for archaea.

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