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  1. angle
  2. product
  3. total
  4. division
  5. diagonal
  1. a one number going into another, ex: 8/2 = 4
  2. b the answer to a multiplication problem
  3. c a line that goes from corner to corner
  4. d the answer to an addition problem
  5. e measures the amount of turn between two intersecting lines

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  1. a line that bends
  2. math with shapes
  3. taking one number away from another, ex: 4-2= 2
  4. the outside line of a circle
  5. one number times another, ex: 4 x 2= 8

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  1. pyramidthree dimensional from a triangle


  2. perpendiculara line that intersects another line and makes a right angle


  3. ellipsea shape of an oval


  4. straightthe answer to a multiplication problem


  5. differencethe answer to a subtraction problem


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