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Grammar Quiz prep

When she saw her sister's face, Sonia hid in the closet. What is the independent clause?

Sonia hid in the closet

Wherever he leads them, Sydney's friends will follow. What is the independent clause?

Sydney's friends will follow

The lion growled, as though it wanted to escape. What is the independent clause?

The lion growled

Roy's aunt will call him if she remembers his birthday. What is the independent clause?

Roy's aunt will call him

Definition of Adverb Clause:

a dependent clause that functions as an adverb.

Adverb clauses usually modify....


They tell...

how, when, where, why, under what conditions the action of a verb is completed

adverb clauses sometimes modify...

adjectives and adverbs

subordinate conjunction:

the words that introduce adverb clauses


although, as, as if, as though, than


after, as, as long as, as soon as, before, since, until, when, whenever, while


where, wherever, whence, whither


as, because, in order that, since, so that, that

under what conditions?

although, as long as, even though, if, provided that, though, unless, whereas, whether, while

elliptical clause:

adverb clauses from which words have been omitted

When the clause is at the beginning of a sentence do you use a comma?


When the clause is at the end of a sentence do you use a comma?


Where do adjective clauses never appear?

in the middle of a sentence

Karen looks as innocent as a baby.

(as a baby)/as innocent

I liked the play at first, though I changed my mind later.

(though I changed my mind later)/liked

I will contine to drink diet soda until the sun goes down.

(until the sun goes down)/will continue

Since I ate the eels, I have felt sick.

(since I ate the eels)/adverb

The train whose whistle you hear just left.

(whose whistle you hear)/adjective

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