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American History Chapter 22/23

Who was the president during the "return to normalcy?"
because they had 2 revolutions going on
Why did Russia drop out of WW1?
March 1917 when the Russian gov't overthrew Czar Nicholas 2
When was Russia's first revolution?
the middle/upper class people
Who took over Russia when Czar Nicholas2 was overthrown?
October 1917 the Bolshevik Revolution when Lenin wanted to turn Russia into communist
When was Russia's second revolution?
What was the name of Lenin's party?
1868 Karl Marx who talks about how Russia should have been communist all along
Who wrote the "Communist Manifesto" and what was it about?
Is U.S. communist or capitalist?
a system where people are supposed to work their way to top not have money handed to them
What is capitalism?
"community" where there are no classes where all humans are equal and have the same rights and lifestyles
What is communism?
No, most people wanted the change
Was there a lot of bloodshed during the Bolshevik Revolution?
What is the color of revolution?
unemployment, racial riots, labor unrest, and violence
What are 4 things that happened during the Red Scare?
all the soldiers were coming home and many were unable to get their jobs back because many blacks had come up from the South and they weren't going to give them up now
Why was unemployment so high after WW1?
bombs that people would send to wealthy business owners who don't even open their own mail...
What were "letter bombs"?
stock market
What was the home base of capitalism?
fear of foreigners
What is xenophobia?
attorney general A. Mitchell Palmer
Who was a major spreader of xenophobia?
Sacco and Vanzetti
Who were the 2 Italian immigrants who were wrongly accused of robbing a shoe factory?
Scott Fitzgerald
TS Eliott
Who were 3 disillusioned writers during this time that left for Paris?
prohibition amendment
no buying or selling alcohol in the U.S.
What is stated in the 18th amendment?
suffrage amendment
gave women rights
What is stated in the 19th amendment?
bootleg whiskey
"homemade liquor"
Warren Harding from Ohio
Who was elected as president after Wilson?
he had a secret tunnel built to smuggle in mistresses
What did Harding have built on to the White House?
Bureau of Budget which created the "watchdog" of where our tax money goes
What was one of Harding's major accomplishments during his presidency?
Washington Conference
What was the first successful disarmament conference in history?
to cut down on amount of weapons each country had
What was the point of the Washington Conference?
Harding's friends who were ripping off the gov't
What was the "Ohio Gang"?
Teapot Dome scandal
What famous scandal broke out shortly after Harding dies?
Secretary of Interior Albert Fall
Who takes the fall for the Teapot Dome scandal?
doing nothing
What was Calvin Coolidge famous for?
"Silent Cal"
What was Coolidge's nickname?
he believed the constitution didn't want the president to do anything
Why was Calvin Coolidge so quiet?
"the business of America is business"
What was Coolidge's motto?
Who was elected in 1924 as prez?
he was too tired to run
Why didn't Coolidge want to run in 1928?
Herbert Hoover
Who did the Republicans choose to run after Coolidge?
he was Catholic and "wet" anti-prohibition
What was 2 problems with the candidate Al Smith?
Al Smith
Who was known as the "happy warrior"?
vacuum cleaner
washing machine
having news on the radio
Name some inventions that came out during the Jazz Age?
Harding getting elected in 1920 KDKA Pittsburgh
What was the first election ever covered on the radio?
What was the first American music?
short hair
tons of makeup
dress showing arms, shoulders, legs, upper chest
no corset
Describe a flapper girl
Charles Lindbergh
Who was the first American celebrity?
flying solo to Paris and back 33 and a half hours
Why what Lindbergh famous for?
Who invents the assembly line?
Model T
What was the first car out?
after cars began coming out
When does credit come along?
what followed credit?
Black Tuesday
october 29. 1929
What was the date of the stock market crash?
JP Morgan
Which well known business man tries to get the stock market up and running again?
because the average american had bought all they really needed
Why did the stock market crash?
they left for Europe
What did the rich folk do after the stock market crash?
he gives up his salary
he ask charities to help
gave farmers loans
gave inspirational speeches
What are some ways Hoover tries to help Americans during the Depression?
they never regulated businesses
What was a mistake that the 1920's presidents all made?
Who takes most of the blame for the Depression?
in his speeches he said he was willing to try anything
Why did so many Americans like FDR?
Kellogg-Briand Pact
What Pact was created to try to keep the peace between countries and not go to war?
What country breaks the Kellogg-Briand Pact?
Who did Japan attack breaking the Kellogg-Briand Pact?
because they needed raw material to produce things which Manchuria was full of
Why did Japan attack Manchuria?
Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere
What was the name of the plan Japan announced saying they would take over Asia?
What illness did FDR live with?
to execute someone illegally by hanging, burning, or other means
a member of the group within the Social Democratic Party in Russia
a citizen of a foreign country
a section of the public that consisted of uneducated people
an illegal bar during prohibition
real income
the actual purchasing power of a person's income, rather than just the dollar amount
shares of ownership in a corporation
to gamble by buying or selling something
a long and severe decline in economic activity
the shantytowns built of cartons and wood scraps during the Great Depression
failure to pay a loan, mortgage, or other debt when it is due
nations fighting a war, usually after a declaration of war