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dots or stokes which show motion and connect two points


area enclosed when both sides of a line meet


what is between objects, also, know as negative space,


shows an object in space, the mass or positive space it occupies, 3-D


the lightness or darkness an object or color. 2-D


hue, may be complementary, analogous, primary, secondary, tertiary, or part of a color wheel.


the feel, real or implied, of an object or its surface


the feeling of wholeness or the part belonging together, which we accomplish by employing the element and principles of art correctly


when one area in work of art stands out more than another.


the use of different lines, shape, and colors in a piece of work


a different created when elements are placed next to each in a work of art


the motion created in a work of art, often uses the principle of rhythm to achieve this


the repetition of lines shapes and colors to create a feeling of movement

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