ADV 318J Test 3 (Chapters 9,10,12)


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the ability to consider and hold together seemingly inconsistent elements and forces, making a new connection.
account executive (AE)
the liaison between the agency and the client, working to resolve conflicts and keep the client happy.
account team
a bicycle wheel, with the team leader as the hub of the wheel. The spokes of the wheel are the other members of the team who use their individual expertise to help make the project work.
creative brief
a document that sets up the goal for any advertising effort in a way that gets everyone moving in the right direction. Directs creativity but doesn't kill it.
cognitive style
the unique preferences of each person for thinking about and solving a problem.
creative abrasion
the clash of ideas from which new ideas and breakthrough solutions evolve.
interpersonal abrasion
the clash of people, which leads to no communication and no new ideas.
an organized approach to idea generation in groups.
3P's creativity framework
People, Process, Place. Creative minds and people are important to a good ad, as well as the process used to create the ad and the place or environment in which it is created. All these factors come together to make a great ad.
unique selling proposition
a type of ad that strongly emphasizes a supposedly unique quality of the brand.
comparison advertisements
ads that try to demonstrate a brand's ability by comparing its features with those of competing brands (Mac vs. PC commercials)
when a famous spokesperson advocates for a brand.
a 5 to 60 minute program that is really an extended advertisement
above-the-line promotion
traditional promotion in the form of measured media
measured media
media that can be directly measured, such as commercials and newspaper/magazine ads
below-the-line promotion
more subtle forms of promotion such as coupons, product placement, promotion events
unmeasured media
another name for below-the-line promotion
media plan
specifies the media in which advertising messages will be placed to reach the desired target audience
media class
a broad category of media such as tv, radio, or newspapers
media vehicle
a particular option for placement within a media class. Newsweek is a media vehicle within the magazine-media class
media mix
blend of different media that will be used to effectively reach the target audience
Big Data
mass of detailed consumer information obtained from emails, smartphones, etc.
ways that corporations target consumers using info from Big Data, like placing ads on smartphones
single-source tracking services
data research services like Nielsen cable boxes that provide info on brands, purchase size, frequency, prices paid and media exposure.
geographic scope
identifying media that cover the same geographic area as the product being advertised
placement of ads in geographic regions where higher purchase tendencies for a brand are evident
the number of people or households in a target audience that will be exposed to a media vehicle or schedule at least one time during a given period of time
average number of times an individual or household within a target audience is exposed to a media vehicle in a given period of time
effective frequency
the number of times a target audience needs to be exposed to a message before the objectives of the advertiser are met
effective reach
the number or percentage of consumers in the target audience that are exposed to and ad some minimum number of times
message weight
another media measure; the total mass of advertising delivered
gross impressions
represent the sum of exposures to the entire media placement in a media plan
between-vehicle duplication
seeing an ad in separate vehicles, such as in a tv show and then in a magazine
within-vehicle duplication
seeing an ad in the same vehicle multiple times, like seeing a commercial on the same show several times a week
the pattern of placement of advertisements in a media schedule
continuous scheduling
a pattern of placing ads at a steady rate over a period of time
achieved by scheduling heavy advertising for a period of time, usually two weeks, and then stopping for a period, only to pick back up with another heavy schedule
ads are scheduled continuously, but much heavier during certain times. Combines continuous scheduling and flighting
forgetting function
a mathematically predictable formula that shows when people will begin to forget things; key in getting people to remember ads
square root law
an increase in recognition scores of print ads with increasing image size. By this law, a full-page ad should be twice as memorable as a quarter-page ad
share of voice
one brand's advertising expenses divided by the total product category expenses. Example: Tide's advertising costs divided by all detergent advertising costs
cost per thousand (CPM)
the dollar cost of reaching one thousand members of an audience for a particular medium
net promoter scores
good mentions minus bad mentions
media buying
securing electronic media time and print media space specified in the schedule
agency of record
the ad agency chosen by the advertiser to purchase time and space.
a period where TV networks reveal their fall lineup and presell advertising on them
media-buying service
an independent organization that specializes in buying large blocks of media time and space and resells it to advertisers.