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  1. hypothesize
  2. lucid
  3. crass
  4. recluse
  5. profuse
  1. a easily understood, mentally sound
  2. b a person who lives in solitude, a hermit
  3. c to reach a conclusion based on an assumption or something not proven
  4. d extravagantly abundant, flowing freely
  5. e coarse, crude, and unrefined

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  1. to alienate, to separate
  2. very generous
  3. to bring on or to bring about
  4. a hater of mankind
  5. rambling, moving from one topic to another randomly

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  1. docileeasily understood, mentally sound


  2. indignationto steal and to use another's writings as one's own


  3. exonerateto free from blame, obligation, or responsibility; to exculpate


  4. intractablestubborn, difficult to manage


  5. virtuosoone skilled in the fine arts as an accomplished musician, a savant