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  1. zygosporangia
  2. digestive enzymes
  3. decompose
  4. ascus
  5. high surface area to volume ratio
  1. a fungi do this to nonliving organic matter and thus are resource recyclers
  2. b Members from the phylum Ascomycota form
  3. c Members from the phylum of zygomycota form
  4. d a mycelium helps a fungus absorb nutrients from its environment because it provides a
  5. e fungi secrete this to break down organic matter so they can then absorb the decomposed molecules

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  1. In lichens, the algae partner provides what nutrient?
  2. the tough material found in the cell walls of all fungi
  3. fungi commerically useful in baking, brewing and wine making
  4. fungi differ from plants in that the nucleus divides in this way
  5. Members of the phylum basidiomycota form

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  1. parasitesfungi compete for nutrients with thier hosts so are called


  2. lichensMembers from the phylum Ascomycota form


  3. gillsthe underside of mushrooms is lined with rows of this


  4. 2 hyphae fusethe slender filaments that make up the body of most fungi


  5. basidiathe underside of mushrooms contains thousands of club shaped structures called