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What is shock?

inadequate tissue perfusion

What are the 3 basic etiologies of shock?

1. inadequate volume
2. inadequate pump function
3. inadequate vessel tone

What are the 4 major categories of shock?

1. hypovolemic
2. distributive
3. cardiogenic
4. obstructive

What is hypovolemic shock?

caused from a low blood volume

What is distributive shock?

decrease in intravascular volume caused by massive systemic vasodilation.

What is cardiogenic shock?

caused by ineffective pump

What is obstructive shock?

condition resulting from obstruction of forward blood flow.

What are the 3 distributive types of shock?

1. anaphylactic
2. septic
3. neurogenic

What is an example of neurogenic shock?

spinal cord injury

What is an example septic shock?

release of infection or bacterias in the blood.

What is an example of anaphylactic shock?


What are the 3 stages of shock?

1. compensatory
2. decompensatory
3. irreversible

What is compensatory shock?

able to maintain a near normal blood pressure and perfusion of vital organs.

What is decompensatory shock?

compensatory mechanisms fail

What is irreversible shock?

no recovery

What are the 3 phases of the pathophysiologist of cardiac arrest?

1. electrical
2. circulatory
3. metabolic

When does the electrical phase begin?

immediately upon cardiac arrest

When does the electrical phase end?

4 minutes after onset of cardiac arrest

When does the circulatory phase begin?

at 4 minutes

When does the circulatory phase end?

10 minutes following cardiac arrest

When does the metabolic phase begin?

10 minutes after cardiac arrest

What is downtime?

form when patient goes into cardiac arrest to when effective CPR occurs.

How links are in the chain of survival?


What are the 4 links to the chain of survival?

1. early access
2. early CPR
3. early defibrillation
4. early life advanced life support

When is an AED used on children under 1 year of age?


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