13 terms

Math Vocab by AC (Unit 8, Ch.10)

Theoretical Probability
Probability based upon what should happen.
Experimental Probability
Probability based upon data collected.
Odds in Favor
The ratio of the favorable outcomes to the unfavorable outcomes.
Odds Against
The ratio of the unfavorable outcomes to the favorable outcomes.
Any group of objects or people in a survey.
Is a part of the population.
Random Sample
Each object or person in the population has the same chance of being selected.
Biased Questions
Unfair questions in a survey that may influence your response.
Independent Events
Events that do not influence each other (the occurrence of one does not affect the probability of the second.)
Dependent Events
Events that influence on another (the occurrence of one affects the probability of the second.)
An arrangement of a set of items in a particular order.
The product of all positive integers less than or equal to a number (uses the "!" symbol.)
A group of items in which the order of the items is not considered.