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A strong, flexible connective tissue.


The process by which bone iss formed, renewed, and repaired.


A band of fibrous , slightly elastic connectivetissue that attaches one bone to another.


Fibrous cord that attaches muscle to the bone.

Smooth muscles

Muscles that act on the lining of the bodies passageways and hollow internal organs.

Skeletal muscles

Muscles attached to bone that cuasebody movements.


The muscle that closes a joint.


Muscle that opens a joint.

Cardiac muscle

A type of straited muscle that forms the wall of the heart.


The inflammation of a tendon.


Occurs when an organ or tissue protrudes through an area of a weak muscle.


Nerve cells (trans mit messages to and frm the spinal cord and the brain)


The largest and most complex part of the brain.


3-inch long stalk of nerve cells and fibers that connects the spinal cord to the rest of the brain.


A disorder of the nervous system that is characterized by recurrent seizures- sudden episoeds of uncontrol electrical activity in the brain.

Cerebral palsy

A group of neurological disorders that are the result of damage to the brain before, during, and after birth or in early childhood.


The second largest part of the brain

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