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Ch. 25- Plant Responses and Adaptions

Carotenoid pigments

Responsible for fall foliage color

Auxins and ethylene

Control shedding of leaves

Plant Hormones

Regulate growth and send chemical messages


Tendency of plants to grow toward a source of light


Pigment that controls photoperiodism and prepares the plant for winter


Response of a plant to the force of gravity (helps roots to grow down)

Apical Meristem

Where auxins are produced and if removed, allow for lateral bud growth


The time and process of budding and unfolding of blossoms


Decreased plant activity


Response to external stimuli

Abscission Layers

Reaction to seasonal changes


Response of plants to touch (ex. Venus Flytrap)

Very Very Old

Plant growth still occurs even when plants are...


Increase thickness, promote gravitropism, and help seeds to sprout


Tissues that divide later and become specialized


The study of plants


Stimulate cell elongation near the tip of the root or stem


Synthetic auxins


Detect changes in the environment

Rapid response

Folding of leaves in response to touch due to osmotic pressure


Response of plants to periods of light and darkness (ex. Morning Glories and 4 O'clocks)


Allow for environmental processes


Affect plant growth and fruit development

Fruit Tissues

Source of ethylene gas in a plant

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