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This is the revised list of Jewish terms that coincide with Professor Deans Homework assignment. I still have the full list of terms (it has been removed from this group for congestive purposes)


Hebrew meaning "container". A coffin or casket made entirely of wood and containing no metal parts.

Bat Minen

A deceased female


The portion of the synagogue or temple raised above the congregation seating.


A religious singer who assists the rabbi.

Chevrah Kadisha

Hebrew meaning "Burial Society". Holy Brotherhood of men or women from a synagogue who care for the dead. (Often referred to as "washers" by laymen.)


The grave


A funeral cortege.


A candelabrum with a central stem bearing seven candles. The oldest symbol in judaism.

Mogen David

A hexagram formed by the combination of two triangles, symbolizing a new (Star of David) hope for the Jewish people.




A word of many meanings: Good morning, Peace, Hello, Good-bye, Love, Until tomorrow, and Farewell.


Seven days of mourning following burial.

Shivah Candle

A special candle which is burned during the seven days of mourning.


The watcher (sitter) who remains with the body until burial.


Prayers from the Book of Psalms said before the funeral by a group of friends and the shomer.


The book of Law, instruction and learning.

Yamaka (Yarmulke, Kippah)

The skull cap worn by men at temple services and funeral services.

Yarhzeit (Mahzeit)

The anniversary of a death.


A memorial service recited four times a year.

Tachrichim for men

Seven (7) White linen garment without binding, hems, knots or pockets:
Mitznefes, Michnasayim, K'sones, Kittel, Gartel (Avnet),
Tallis, Sovev.


headdress for male


trousers with closed feet
worn by both male and female


male - a shirt with sleeves
female - a blouse


male - a robe with collar and sleeves
women - a long robe

Avnet, Gartel

a sash
worn by both male and female


a prayer shawl
worn by male


a small linen bag used as a headrest by the male
a linen sheet used by the female


worn by the female

Face cover

worn by the female

Tachrichim for women

Eight (8) white linen garments without binding, hems, knots or pockets:
Bonnet, Michnasayim, K'sones, Kittle, Gartel, Apron,
Face Cover, Sovev.


covering for hair, worn by the female.


one god
ancient scriptures (Old Testament)
talmud (oral teachings of the Torah)

Three Jewish Religions

Orthodox - most conservative, ancient traditions and beliefs
Reform - greater flexibility, adapted modern practices
Conservative - somewhere between Orthodox and Reform, follow ancient traditions, have accepted gradual change

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