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John Quincy Adams

6th Pres. of USA

Andrew Jackson

miltitary hero and 7th Pres.

Jacksonian democracy

political philosophy that puts its faith in the common people

spoils system

practice of giving gov. jobs to political supporters


cherokee who invented a writing system for the Cherokee Nation

Indian Removal Act

law that requires NAs to move west

Indian Territory

Area that is now Oklahoma and parts of Kansas and Nebraska to which NAs were moved

Trail of Tears

route the Cherokees were forced to travel from Georgia to Indian Territory


Seminole who was an important leader in Second Seminole War

"Tariff of Abominations"

tariff of 1828

John C. Calhoun

Vice-Pres. and congressional leader from South Carolina

doctrine of nullification

belief that states could ignore federal laws that they did not like

Webster-Hayne debate

debate between Senators Daniel Webster and Robert Hayne over nullification

Daniel Webster

senate leader from Massachusetts


withdraw from the Union


increase in prices and a decrease in the value of money

Martin Van Buren

8th Pres.

Panic of 1837

widespread concern about the state of the economy in 1837


severe economic slump

Whig Party

party formed by opponents of Pres. Jackson

William Henry Harrison

9th Pres.

John Tyler

10th Pres.

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