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American Revolution

Peter Stuyvesant brought...

order to New Amsterdam

Peter Stuyvesant created...

the 1st firehouse, police station, school, post office in the colony

Peter Stuyvesant made strict laws such as...

(taverns closed by 9pm, no garbage thrown in streets)

Peter Stuyvesant didn't...

listen to the people of New Amsterdam

Peter Stuyvesant made all...

of the decisions

Peter Stuyvesant was intolerant of...

other religions

6 Dutch Contributions:

-many places have Dutch names (Bronx, Brooklyn)
-Dutch style houses
-ice skating
-decorating Easter eggs
-hanging stokcings at Christmas

6 causes of American Revolution

-taxation without representation (colonists were taxed but had no say in their government)
-Stamp Act (tax on all important documents and playing cards)
-Sugar Act (tax on sugar and fabric)
-Townshend Acts (tax of tea and other British goods)
-Boston Tea Party
-colonists boycotting British goods

Purpose of the Declaration of Independence

13 colonies wanted to freedom from British rule

1st line from the Declaration of Independence

"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are have certain inalienable rights: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness..."

Why did the Battle of Saratoga occur?

British wanted control over entire NY Colony to cut New England from the southern colonies

4 results of Battle of Saratoga:

-colonists defeated British army
-American troops proved they could win
-Showed they may win the war
-b/c of win, Ben Franklin convinced France to help the colonists

Another name for the Battle of Saratoga

"turning point" of the American Revolution

Loyalists were also known as:

-King's friends

Loyalists' beliefs:

-king had a right to rule colonists
-a government run by rich Patriots would be worse

Loyalists were afraid of...

British soldiers

Loyalists supported the British because...

-They had family in England
-Celebrated English holidays
-Continued to buy British tea and products

Loyalists became....

the eyes and ears for the British

Patriots were also known as:

-Sons of Liberty

Patriots wanted...

-to rule themselves (Continental Congress)
-France, Spain and Holland to join their side
-England to remove all the taxes

Patriots may have...

-Shared food with soldiers
-melted down tools for ammunition

Patriots refused...

-To use products from England (boycott)

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