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A list of vocab words and the water treatment process

First filtration

The first step in the process in which the water is filtered and big particles removes


the next step in which things like alum, polymer, carbon dioxide, and sometimes lime are added to make small particle in the water clump and form big particles


People who live next door to the wetland and applicant


the rules and restriction applying to an area of land and it's use


the large particle become heavy and sink to the bottom of a big basin in which sediment is collected

second filtration

the water is run through a fine particle like sand or gravel to filter out other things in the water


chlorine is added to the water to filter out harmful bacteria


pumping oxygen into the water to make it taste, smell, and look better


a law made by a city or town for the control of its own affairs


a rule or law especially one adopted and enforced by local authority


an area of land bordering a river and made of sediment carried by a stream deposited during floods


a broad mouth of a river where tides flow


stopping and beginning again


thing that show or are a sign of


something of great importance or effect


something flooded


a standard for making judgment

vernal pools

temporary ponds which fill up as result of snowmelt in the spring then dry up in the summer, important to amphibian's


make less severe

statutory interest

public interests protected by law

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