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Although the salesclerk didn't seem to know the stock very well, he was so pleasant and ________________ that we were very glad to have him serving us.


I don't expect long explanations, but why must his answers to my questions be so _____________?


Every time I go to the dentist, she ______________ me for eating things that are bad for my teeth.


Before you make fun of my new automatic back scratcher, remember how people _______________ at Edison and the Wright brothers.


It is the job of a gossip columnist to _____________ out the "secrets of the starts."


Although I have read 'Peter Pan' many times, the _______________ characters and imaginative story never fail to amuse me.


The project I am working on ________________ me so thoroughly that I forgot to stop for lunch.


During the twentieth century, many countries in Africa and Asia made the ________________ from colonial status to national independence.


Her early years on her family's farm ________________ her to long hours and har manual labor.


The _________________ fingers of the great violinst were guided by his deep understanding of the music.


Before applying for that job, you should know that it ____________ the use of a computer.


At a well-known theater in Virginia, playgoers could ______________ various kinds of food for the price of admission.


The purpose of this meeting is to _____________ a plan for encouraging recycling in our community.


You should try not to allow petty annoyances to ____________ you so much.


One doesn't have to be a weather specialist to know that a darkening sky is a sign of a(n) ________________ storm.


When I think of all the things that could go wrong, I view the task ahead with great _________________.


I assure you that you will ___________ the day you challenges us to a jogging contest.


Since the artist seems to have known everyone of importance in her time, her diaries read like a(n) _______________ 'Who's who' of the period.


During those difficult year, the state was in the hands of a do-nothing administration completely lacking in _________________ and direction.


The firefighters who made that daring rescue from a burning building fully deserve all the honors ___________________ them.

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