Non-Fiction Text Features


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The name of an entire book, magazine, etc.
Table of Contents
A table of contents gives the heading and beginning number of each section in a book.
Tells the reader what the section is about
Helps the reader "chunk" the text into smaller parts that are related to the heading.
Gives additional information related to a topic or picture and is usually located on the side of the page.
A picture that shows the location of things or places.
A drawing that shows the labeled parts of something.
Shows information in a visual way so that it is more easily understood by readers.
A chart of information presented in a visual way. It is often used to compare things.
A chart that helps a reader see important events in order.
Colored or Dark, Bold Print
Words that call attention to new and important words that can often be found in the glossary.
Italicized Print
Slanted text that identifies new or important words and often looks like cursive writing.
The words next to, underneath, or in a picture that explain what the picture is or what it is about.
A hand-drawn picture that helps the reader visualize the text.
An actual photograph taken by a camera that shows how things look in real life.
A list used to organize information.
Fact Box
A box that gives additional information about a topic.
An alphabetical list of important words used in the text and found at the back of the book that explains the meaning of the word.
An alphabetical listing of the subjects, people, and places found in the text being read. It provides the exact page or pages on which to find them.
Helps reader understand the parts of an illustration or diagram.
This helps the reader understand something by looking at it from the inside.
A small map or picture that is shown on or next to a larger map or picture in order to show more detail.
Flow Chart
A type of diagram that shows the steps in a process by showing the order of how things happen

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