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PCC HI 102 Ch. 22 Sect. 2 (327-336)

History of Civilization Ch. 22 Sect. 2
"Miracle on the Marne"
Unexpected event in which French forces stopped the German advance
Henri Petain
Commander of Verdun's defenders who vowed: "They shall not pass!"
A nickname for British soldiers
Somme River
Where did the British launch a massive offensive against the Germans in an attempt to relieve the pressure at Verdun
Paul von Hindenburg and Erich von Ludendorff
Who did Kaiser Wilhelm II appoint as generals following the Somme offensive
Russian Revolution
Event in Russia during March 1917 in which mutinous soldiers forced the czar to abdicate, and a Provisional Government was established
Vladimir Lenin
Who led the Communist revolutionaries in the Bolshevik Revolution
Bolshevik Revolution
Russian event in which the Provisional Government was overthrown and the Communist dictatorship was established
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Treaty Vladimir Lenin signed which withdrew Russia from the war
T. E. Lawrence
British colonel who led Arab revolts against Turkish rule in the Arabian Peninsula
Edmund Allenby
General who led the British and Australian troops to capture Jerusalem in December 1917
Gallipoli Campaign
The largest British offensive in the East
Winston Churchill
England's First Lord of the Admiralty who planned the Gallipoli Campaign
British luxury line which was one of the first victims of submarine warfare
What new weapon did the Germans use to get around the British naval blockade
Battle of Jutland
What was the most important naval battle of the war
Pilots who shot down at least five enemy aircraft
Manfred von Richthofen
Also known as the "Red Baron"
Manfred von Richthofen and Eddie Rickenbacker
Two famous "aces" of WWI
Zimmermann Note
Document proposing that Mexico and Germany form an alliance if the United States entered the war
Woodrow Wilson
U.S. President who proposed to Congress that America should enter the war
April 6, 1917
Date Congress declared war on Germany
"Big Bertha"
One of Germany's famous long range guns
A nickname for the American soldiers
John J. ("Blackjack") Pershing
General who commanded the American Expeditionary Force
Ferdinand Foch
French Field Marshal who was the supreme commander of the Allied armies
Weimar Republic
Representative government which took the place of Kaiser Wilhelm II in Germany
Armistice Day
Now called Veterans Day in the U.S.
November 11, 1918
Date for the end of WWI
Armistice Day
November 11, 1918
Free will of man, reign of law, and providence of God
The three main things that have shaped history