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blessed trinity

the central mystery of the christian faith. it teaches that there are 3 persons in one god.

ecumenical council

a worldwide, official assembly of the bishops under the direction of the pope


a statement of beleif

divine providence

the sovereightny of god over events of the lives of individuals and throughout history


a term that means extending endlessly, having no end or limits


god is all powerful, everywhere, and unlimited


existing without a beginning and forever


a term for the practice of "speaking in tongues" a gift from the holy spirit that allows a person to speak in prayer languages that were never learned


beleif in one god


beleif of many gods


a hebrew word that means "wind" or "breath"


the study of the existence or the attributes of god

immanent trinity

a focus on the inner life of god as a trinity of 3 divine persons

salvific TRINITY

the active and inseperable work of the triune god - father son and hs- in salvatation history


the quality of one being in the relationship between all the divine persons of the trinity

divine missions of the blessed trinity

the distinctive works of gods saving intervention in the world- creation, salvation, and sanctification


a "holy one" of god who lives in union with god through the grace of jesus and power of hs

immaculate conception

the dogmatic teaching of the catholic church that mary was conceived in the womb of her mom without the stain of original sin that all other humans inherit

infallible teaching

catholic teaching, proposed by the magisterium in union with the pope, that is declared to be totally free of error


another name for the hs that means advocate, defender, or consoler


gods gift of friendship and life that enables us to share his love and life


the forgiving of our sins in order to welcome us into a right realtionship with god through our faith in jesus


the dogmatic teaching that when the earthly life of mary was completed, she was taken body and soul into the prescense of god


mary is "god-bearer"


a spiritual gift given by god to individuals to help build up and strengthen the church


gods gift of friendship and life


helps us form our consciences in light of church teaching


god with us


pope sends papal letter around the world.

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