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  1. Passover Seder
  2. Judge
  3. Jeremiah
  4. Sabbath
  5. Ezekial
  1. a deliverers, cycle of Baal, 12, six major, six minor
  2. b 7th day of creation, day of rest
  3. c post- exilic prophet
  4. d celebrates freedom
  5. e post-exilic prophet

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  1. minor judge, helped free Jews from their enemies
  2. major judge, God tells him to reduce the size of his army
  3. frees Jews to go to Persia
  4. great prayer
  5. first king, disrespects the ban, kills himself in battle

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  1. Polytheisticwhen you only worship one God


  2. NabiHebrew word for prophet


  3. Isaiahconfident counselor who comes from Jerusalem


  4. Canaanthe name of the promised land


  5. MonotheismDavid's best friend, sauls son, dies in war