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  1. Monotheism
  2. Samaritans
  3. canon
  4. Arc of the Covenant
  5. Samuel
  1. a 4 books in the Catholic Canon of the Old Testament
  2. b prophet who chooses saul and david
  3. c where the 10 commandments are kept
  4. d people who were extremely hated by the Jews
  5. e when you only worship one God

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  1. location where God gives Moses the 10 Commandments
  2. 7th day of creation, day of rest
  3. someone who lives in Nazareth
  4. celebrates freedom
  5. post-exilic prophet

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  1. Davidsecond king, son of Jesse, beats Goliath


  2. Salvation Historythe story of God's actions and the peoples responses over many years


  3. Canaanthe name of the promised land


  4. RuthGod makes 1st covenant with him, flood story


  5. DeborahGod makes 1st covenant with him, flood story