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  1. Isaac
  2. Polytheistic
  3. Abraham
  4. Ezekial
  5. Solomon
  1. a made 2nd covenant with God
  2. b Davids son who takes over, slavery, builds the temple
  3. c when you worship many gods
  4. d "laugh," 2 sons (esau and jacob), tricked into blessing jacob
  5. e post- exilic prophet

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  1. celebrates freedom
  2. David's best friend, sauls son, dies in war
  3. major judge, God tells him to reduce the size of his army
  4. someone who lives in Nazareth
  5. Hebrew word for prophet

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  1. MonotheismDavid's best friend, sauls son, dies in war


  2. Elijahpre-exilic prophet


  3. BethlehemWhere Jesus was born


  4. Sabbath7th day of creation, day of rest


  5. Isaiahconfident counselor who comes from Jerusalem


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