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  1. Noah
  2. Samuel
  3. Bethlehem
  4. Canaan
  5. Salvation History
  1. a the story of God's actions and the peoples responses over many years
  2. b the name of the promised land
  3. c Where Jesus was born
  4. d prophet who chooses saul and david
  5. e God makes 1st covenant with him, flood story

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  1. a promise with God
  2. frees Jews to go to Persia
  3. major judge, God tells him to reduce the size of his army
  4. destroy and conquer town without stealing or taking anything
  5. day of sacrifice, now it is when God reconciled with us

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  1. Shemagreat prayer


  2. Davidsecond king, son of Jesse, beats Goliath


  3. DeborahGod makes 1st covenant with him, flood story


  4. Polytheisticwhen you worship many gods


  5. Isaacconfident counselor who comes from Jerusalem