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  1. Bethlehem
  2. Cyrus the Persian
  3. Passover Seder
  4. Samson
  5. Ezekial
  1. a violent man with an uncontrolled passion for women, dependent on long hair
  2. b post- exilic prophet
  3. c frees Jews to go to Persia
  4. d Where Jesus was born
  5. e celebrates freedom

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  1. someone who lives in Nazareth
  2. post-exilic prophet
  3. God makes 1st covenant with him, flood story
  4. the name of the promised land
  5. great prayer

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  1. JonathanDavid's best friend, sauls son, dies in war


  2. Ruthmakes a covenant with God and Naomi


  3. Monotheismwhen you only worship one God


  4. Samaritanssomeone who lives in Nazareth


  5. SinaiHebrew word for prophet