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  1. Passover Seder
  2. Polytheistic
  3. Gideon
  4. Arc of the Covenant
  5. Jeremiah
  1. a major judge, God tells him to reduce the size of his army
  2. b post-exilic prophet
  3. c celebrates freedom
  4. d where the 10 commandments are kept
  5. e when you worship many gods

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  1. made 2nd covenant with God
  2. second king, son of Jesse, beats Goliath
  3. first king, disrespects the ban, kills himself in battle
  4. great prayer
  5. Where Jesus was born

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  1. NoahGod makes 1st covenant with him, flood story


  2. Nabisecond king, son of Jesse, beats Goliath


  3. Samson4 books in the Catholic Canon of the Old Testament


  4. SolomonDavids son who takes over, slavery, builds the temple


  5. Judge12 sons, descendents settle in Egypt


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