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  1. Grouping
  2. bottom-down processing
  3. Cones
  4. Binet
  5. Culturally Deaf
  1. a retinal receptor cells that are concentrated near the center of the retina and that function in daylight or in well-lit conditions. The cones detect fine detail and give rise to color sensations.
  2. b the perceptual tendency to organize stimuli into coherent groups
  3. c analysis that begins with the sensory receptors and works up to the brains integraton of sensory information
  4. d came up with mental age as a measure of intelligence
  5. e Shared beliefs values and behaviors of deaf or hard of hearing people who use sign language as a primary means of communication

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  1. information processing guided by higher level mental processes, as when we construct perceptions drawing on our experience and expectations
  2. the process by which the eye's lens changes shape to focus near or far objects on the retina
  3. the number of complete wavelengths that pass a point in a given time
  4. the amount of energy in a light or sound wave, which we perceive as brightness or loudness, as determined by the waves amplitude
  5. the rules for combining words into grammatically sensible sentences in a given language

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  1. Conditioned Response (CR)in classical conditioning, the learned response to a previously neutral (but now conditioned response) stimulus


  2. Reinforcerthe innermost part of the ear containing the cochlea, semicircular canals, and vestibular sacs


  3. Convergencethe innermost part of the ear containing the cochlea, semicircular canals, and vestibular sacs


  4. Functional Fixednessthe tendency to think of things only in terms of their usual functions; an impediment to problem solving


  5. Unconditioned Stimulus (US)in classical conditioning, a stimulus that unconditionally- naturally and automatically- triggers a response