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  1. Classical Conditioning
  2. Binet
  3. Iris
  4. Audition
  5. Bandura
  1. a bobo doll experiment
  2. b a ring of muscle tissue that forms the colored portion of the eye around the pupil and controls the size of the pupil opening
  3. c came up with mental age as a measure of intelligence
  4. d the sense or act of hearing
  5. e a type of learning in which one learns to link two or more stimuli and anticipate events

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  1. the process by which the eye's lens changes shape to focus near or far objects on the retina
  2. the rules for combining words into grammatically sensible sentences in a given language
  3. the tendency to think of things only in terms of their usual functions; an impediment to problem solving
  4. depth cues, such as interposition and linear perspective, available to either eye alone
  5. smaller image is more distant

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  1. Intensitythe amount of energy in a light or sound wave, which we perceive as brightness or loudness, as determined by the waves amplitude


  2. Cochleathe transparent outer covering of the eye


  3. Negative Reinforcementincreasing behaviors by presenting positive stimuli, such as food. A positive reinforcer is any stimulus that, when presented after a response, strengthens the response.


  4. Huethe dimension of color that is determined by the wavelength of light; what we know as the color names blue, green, and so forth.


  5. Frequencythe perceptual tendency to organize stimuli into coherent groups