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System Restore?

Restores system settings to a specific date


Creates a copy of the hard drive to another storage device

Task Scheduler?

Runs selected utilities automatically

Ease of Access Center?

Centralized location for assistive technology

In the Ease of Access Center, you can find tools such as

High contrast
On-screen keyboard
Windows speech recognition

Which is not an example of a smartphone operating system?

Snow leopard

Which OS does NOT have a user interface that incorporates point-and-click technology?


Which is the correct order of the boot process?

Activate BIOS, conduct POST, load OS into RAM, check settings

You can determine the location of a file by its


Which is NOT a function of the operating system?

Carefully shutting the system down when RAM limits have been reached

Which term describes the pictures that represent an object such as a software application or
a folder?


Which statement about using APIs us NOT true?

APIs make it possible to close non-responding software and restart the computer.

Which utility eliminates the inefficiencies of the computer hard drive?

Disk defragmenter

Which utility is NOT a system tools utility?

File compression

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