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A form of oxygen that has three oxygen atoms in each molecule instead of two. Protects us from dangerous ultraviolet radiation from the sun. It is thick (meaning low concentration of ______, but physically 20 km thick)


Man-made chemical substance that depletes the ozone layer. Takes a Chlorine off of an atom and that chlorine molecule can destroy 100,000 Ozones (O3).

Ultraviolet Radiation

Electromagnetic waves with wavelengths that are shorter than visible light but longer than X-rays.


Rays that separate Oxygen (O2) into two parts (O1).


Rays that destroys Ozone (O3) so that it loses a Oxygen (O2). Then the floating oxygen (O2) can connect with a floating O1 and they will create Ozone (O3).

Stratospheric Ozone

Blocks out ultra violet rays and helps keep troposphere warmer.

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