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  1. Is this due to left side or right side heart failure
    fluid pools in pulmonary circulation
  2. Is this due to left side or right side heart failure
    Blood backs into pulmonary veins
  3. what is the most common cause of heart failure from the left side of the heart
  4. Is this due to left side or right side heart failure
    engorgement of spleen and liver
  5. Is this due to left side or right side heart failure
    enlargement of right ventricle
  1. a right (blood is not being pumped out so the right so the right ventricle would become enlarged)
  2. b left (pulmonary veins deliver blood to left atrium)
  3. c right (blood would be returning from the spleen and liver and enter Right side)
  4. d left (blood would back up in pulmonary veins as it returns oxygenated blood to heart)
  5. e left ventricular dysfunction

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  1. left (pulmonary vascular system would meet with more resistance)
  2. right (blood backing up would cause the impairment, it would be venous blood returning to the right side of the heart)
  3. left side (diastlic ??)
  4. abnormal accumulation of fluid in the pleural space
  5. right ventricular failure

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  1. What test could you use to determine heart failure?left side


  2. Place these events that lead to heart failure in order (ie. 21453)
    1.Blood pools in the left ventricle and atrium and backs up into the pulmonary veins and capillaries

    2. Pulmonary edema develops. Increased pulmonary vascular resistance places stress on the right ventricle.

    3. The left ventricle enlarges from increased workload and end-diastolic volume.

    4. Capillary pressure rises, pushing sodium and water into interstitial spaces.

    5. Fluid in extremities shifts into the systemic circulation, causing fluid to pool in the pulmonary circulation.
    3 1 4 5 2


  3. What could cause right sided heart failure that is not related to left sided heart failureCOPD, cystic fibrosis or ARDS


  4. myocardial ischemia causes which side of the heart to failleft side


  5. when the heart cannot pump blood at the volume requried to meet the body's need it causespulmonary veins