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the text used in divination is called the


Ancient Chinese belief that great spiritual being and ruler of the universe was called


According to ancient Chinese tradition, the cosmos is a manifestation of an impersonal self-generating energy known as

faith in rulers

when asked to define the essentials of strong government confucius stated the only true essential is that


who was the follower of confucius who disagreed with the belief in the goodness of human nature

super natural

confucius focused his teachings very much on the here and now and consequently taught very little about


what has confucianism always advocated as the only means to social reform


the practice which helps one determine the harmonious placement of a building or objects is known as

capitalist confucianism

business conducted according to confucian ethics is known as

yen and yang

the two aspects of chi or qi representing dark and light or femaile and male are

Neo confucianism

the belief in practicing confucianism because Buddhism and Daoism brought moral and political weakness to society is called


ancestor veneration is an important featureof ancient chinese religious traditions


during the cultural revolution in china, confucian tradition was denounced


it is common for aspects of daoism and confucianism to be blended in practice


according to the dao de jing, the dao that can be told of is the absolute dao


the practice of wu wei involves careful observance of confucian rituals of filial piety


the many forms of daoist practice are no longer undertaken


singapore's annual courtesy campaign is infulenced by confucian values


confucian thought was rejected in japan


divination is the practice of worshipping divine spirits


daoism and confucianism flourished in which country


sacred rituals that are especially important in the veneration of ancestors are called


the creative rhythm of the universe is called

harmony with nature

a major theme of daoism is

dao de jing

the philosophical basis of daoism is expounded in which of the following


which of the following martial arts is associated with daoism

kong fuzi

which of the follwing was the given name for the individual now known commonly as confucius

sixth century bce

which one of the time perids below was a spiritual high point in many cultures and included the life of the buddha, the hebrew prophets and the birth of daoism and confucianism


confucius work was

innate goodness

the confucian virtue ren basically means

the kitchen God

the deity who watches over family's actitities is known as

206 BC - 220 AD

When was the Han Dynasty

parent/child older/younger sibling husband/wife older/younger friend rulers/subject

List the 5 relationships of Confucianism

dark and light, female and male, low and high, cold and hot, water and fire, air and earth

List contrasts in Daoist Dualism

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