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A consumer that eats only animals.


A group of various species that live in the same habitat and interact with each other.


An organism that obtains energy by feeding on other organisms.


An organism that feeds on and breaks down dead plant or animal matter.


The process of decaying, rotting, or breaking down.


The ability to move or change matter.

Energy pyramid

A way of showing how energy moves through a food chain.


The area in which something exists or lives.

Environmental factor

One part of the environment. An environmental factor can be nonliving, such as water, light, temperature, or chemicals, or living, such as a plant or an animal.

Food chain

The way food passes from one organism to another.

Food source

What an organism obtains its energy from.

Food web

Links all the food chains in an ecosystem together.


A group of simple, plantlike animals that live on dead organic matter.


The place where an Organism lives.


A plant-eating animal.


The role of an organism in its habitat, or how it makes its living.


An animal that eats both plants and animals.


Any living thing.


The process by which plants and some other organisms capture the energy in sunlight and use it to make food.


An animal that hunts and eats other animals.


An organism that can make its own food.

Primary consumer

An organism that feeds on all or part of plants or on other producers.

Secondary consumer

An animal that eats other animals. Carnivores are secondary consumers.


An animal that eats dead animals.

Tertiary consumer

A carnivore at the topmost level in a food chain that feeds on other carnivores; an animal that feeds only on secondary consumers.


An animal hunted for food, especially by a carnivorous animal.

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