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  1. annal
  2. bawl
  3. meager
  4. precedent
  5. intrigue
  1. a a historical record
  2. b To fascinate and make curious
  3. c not enough
  4. d to cry out or sob loudly
  5. e an example that is used to justify similar occurrences at a later time, a previous case

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  1. write carelessly, scribble
  2. Raw, unfinished, roughly made
  3. to take revenge
  4. full of danger
  5. district of a city, designated for a purpose like voting

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  1. ganglya foolish act or idea


  2. aptitudeability; talent


  3. elegya foolish act or idea


  4. reciteto take revenge


  5. epidemica disease that spreads over a wide geographic area.


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