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The way in which you quickly group the individual letters in this test item into separate words best illustrates the principle of:


The lights along the runway were shrouded in such a thick fog that the pilot of an incoming plane nearly overshot the runway. The pilot was most likely misled by the distance cue known as:

relative clarity.

The ability to accurately perceive distances most clearly underlies our capacity for:

size constancy

The Moon illusion refers to our tendency to perceive the Moon as unusually

large when it is near the horizon

Rules for organizing stimuli into coherent groups were first identified by

Gestalt psychologists

Pedro recognized that his son was closer to him than his daughter because his son partially obstructed his view of his daughter. Pedro's perception was most clearly influenced by a distance cue known as:


Relative luminance most clearly contributes to

lightness constancy

People perceive an adult-child pair as looking more alike when told they are parent and child. This best illustrates the effect of

perceptual set

Once we have formed a wrong idea about reality, we have more difficulty seeing the truth. This best illustrates the impact of

top-down processing.

After hearing that Bryce had served a prison sentence, Janet began to perceive his friendly behavior as insincere and manipulative. This best illustrates the impact of

perceptual set

PsychSim: Vision Illusions: In the Müller-Lyer illusion, the arrowheads at the ends of the lines lead people tomisjudge the ________ of the two horizontal lines.


The Ponzo illusion illustrates that people judge the size of an object that people judge the size of an object in terms of its precieved?


Jordan claims that with intense mental concentration, he can make objects float in mid-air. Jordan is claiming to possess the power of:


A neutral facial expression may be perceived as sadder at a funeral than at a circus. This best illustrates:

A context effect.

Psychics are unable to make millions of dollars betting on horse races. This undermines their claims to possess the power of:


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