29 terms

Constitutional Law

To encourage a crowd to commit violence
Vulgar, lewd or pornographic material
to lie about someone and injure their reputation
Written defamation
Spoken defamation
National Security
the release of top Secret or Confidential material would threaten this.
Commercial Speech
Fighting Words
Insults meant to provoke violence
Hate Speech
historically associated with racism and bigotry
Symbolic Speech
Conduct that expresses an idea
Exigent Circumstances
Probable Cause
specific evidence to connect an individual to a crime
Hot Pursuit
a search of the immediate area that does not require a warrant and is allowed when chasing a suspect.
permission to search
Court Order to require a witness to appear
Amendment 1
Contains Free speech and Freedom of religion
Amendment 2
The right to keep and bear arms can be found here.
Amendment 4
the right to no unreasonable searches and seizures can be found here.
Amendment 5
Right not to incriminate yourself is found here.
Amendment 6
Most of the rights of defendants in court is found here.
Amendment 8
Right to be free from cruel and unusual punishment
Eminent Domain
Property that can be taken for pubic use.
Birthright Citizenship
granted by the 14th amendment
Amendment 14
Right to Due Process and Equal Protection of the Laws
Plain View
Allows warrantless searches when something is clearly visible.
Double Jeopardy
right not to be tried twice for the same crime
a seizure
Search due to Lawful arrest
Allows warrant-less searches for the officer's safety when you are taken into custody
Inventory search
Allows warrant-less searches when police confiscate a car to prove your property hasn't been stolen.