Banking Terms

19 terms by lafa5232

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Automatic Teller Machine-a bank machine that gives out cash from your account and accepts deposits around the clock.

bad check

check issued against checking account with insucfficient funds to cover it


compute credits and debits of an account

check register

a booklet provided by your bank for recording your checking account transactions

checking account

an account in which deposited money can be withdrawn at any time by writing a check


the act of putting something somewhere

deposit ticket

A form showing a detailed listing of items being deposited



financial institution

A business whose primary activity is buying, selling, or holding financial assets.

insufficient funds fee

The fee that is charged by a financial institution or business when a check does not clear.

less cash recieved

cash recieved when you make a deposit


a brief written record or communication, used within an office


a check written for money than your account contains




a settlement of a controversy or disagreement


monthly papers from your finacial institution with all the activities in your account for the month


a business deal


declare invalid



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