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War With Grandpa Questions

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Grandpa used to live in this state.
What business was Grandpa in before he retired?
Declaration of War
What did Pete call the letter he write to his Grandpa?
What game was missing money, playing pieces, properties, and rules?
Secret Warrior
Peter was known as the.....
Another word for dispute would be.....
The Old Man
How does Grandpa sign his note to Peter?
Go fishing
Even though Peter and his Grandpa are in the middle of a war, what do they decide to do together?
In Peter's last attack he took these from Grandpa.
Third Floor
At the end of the story where was Peter's Dad's office?
True or False, Peter is writing this story because he is bored.
True or False, Peter's first attack was to steal Grandpa's slippers.
True or False, Peter is a "Risk" fanatic.
True or False, because of Jenny Peter gets his Monopoly pieces back from Granpa.
True or False, after Peter moves back into his old room his Dad makes a sign for the door.
He was disrepectful
Why did Grandpa slap Peter?
He ignored it
How does Grandpa react to the first attack?
His friends
Who influenced Peter to start the war with his Grandpa?
It cheers him up
How does the war affect Grandpa's attitude?
A piece of wood fell on it and broke it
What was wrong with Grandpa's leg?

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