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transmits via vagus nerve to medulla

aortic arch

responds ONLY to increased BP

aortic arch

transmits via glossapharyngeal nerve to solitary nucleus of medulla

carotid sinus

responds to increase and decrease in BP

carotid sinus

carotid massage effect on HR


responds to decrease pO2, increase pCO2, and decrease blood pH

peripheral chemoreceptors
-carotid and aortic bodies

respond to changes in pH and pCO2 in brain interstitial fluid

central chemoreceptors

HTN, bradycardia, respiratory depression

cushing triad

increase in ICP --> constricts arterioles
--> cerebral ischemia
--> HTN (sympathetic response)
--> reflex bradycardia

major stimulator of respiration in health people


major stimulator of respiration in pts with COPD

--> don't give too much O2!

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