Developmental Psychology - Exam Summary 1

What is psychodynamics?
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o Strengths - strong influence on contemporary thinking, first to draw attention to role of unconscious and importance of early experiences, influential in psychotherapy in confronting unconscious motivations and highlights importance of emotions.
o Weaknesses - not easy to test, '...a theory in search of some facts.'
o Trust vs. mistrust (0-1) - trust their caregivers
o Autonomy vs. shame and doubt (1-3) - be autonomous so don't doubt own abilities
o Initiative vs. guilt (3-6) - undertake bold plans but not impinge on rights of others
o Industry vs. inferiority (6-12) -master important social/academic skills and keep up with peers, or feel inferior
o Identity vs. role confusion (12-20) -ask who they are and establish social/vocational identities, otherwise will remain confused about roles as adults
o Intimacy vs. isolation (20-40) - seek to form a shared identity, but may fear intimacy and experience loneliness and isolation
o Generativity vs. stagnation (40-65) -must feel they are producing something that will outlive them or become stagnant an self-centered
o Integrity vs. despair -must come to view their lives as meaningful in order to face death without worries and regrets