30 terms

session 2 voc.1

Application window
Primary interface between the user and the application
Dialog Box launcher
appears in th lower righ corner of some groups, an when clickd, a dialog box will open with even more options
Document window
the area where you enter new text and data or change existing text and data
a collection of information saved as a unit
File compaibility
the ability to open and work with files without a format conflict
File Extension
tipically identifies the type of file
containers used to organize he documents into manageable groups on a designated storage device
capital letter I used to insertion to enter new text and data
Insertion point
a blinking vertical line that indicates the location in the document where the new text and data will be entered
open a document
to load a file into an application
the route the operating system uses to locate a document
the blue banner that streches across the top of the screen, just below the tile bar
Save a document
to store it on a disk or other sorage medium
the name of the command and a description of he command shows in a small window
you move through the document on th screen wirhout changing the location of the insertion point
Default settings
the prese options or variables automatically in effect when th document is created
Normal.dotm template
a file containing default styles and customizations that determine th structure and page layout of the document
the option to show these nonprintable characters
Word wrap
Word will automatically wrap the text to the next line
refers to how text is positioned between the left and right margins
a temporary storage place in your computer's memory, and it is shared among all the offices applications
drag and drop editing
when you use the mouse to drag selected text from he existing location and then drop the selected text in a new location
you motify or adapt th document and make revisions or corrections
First line indent
first line of a paragraph is indented
the design of the typeface in your document
you can change the appearance of the text or of the whole document
Fomat painter
will copy and apply font and pararaph formatting as well as some basic graphic formatting, such as boders, fills, and shading
Hanging indent
first line of text begins at the left margin, and all the other lines of the paragraph hang, or are indented, to he right of the first line
Merging cells
when you remove the boundary between two cells
Quick tables
built in tables