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Scott History test terms (part 2)


Portuguese explorer who was the first European to sail the southern tip of Africa. Discovered the Cape of good hope.

Vasco de Gama

Portuguese explorer who sailed the coast of Africa - past where Diaz turned back. Became governor of portuguese india.


Spanish conquistador who conquered the Aztec Empire and the Mayans. He manipulated the Aztec's beliefs to make them think that he was invincible


Conquistador who conquered the Incas of Peru

St. Augustine

Who says this quote: ""God and the soul I want, nothing else."


These radical reformers rejected infant baptism and believed that a person should choose their own faith.


Site of a massacre of Anabaptist group called the Melchiorites by the religious/political authorities.


Fiery set of Anabaptists led by Melchior; gained political control of Munster; introduced chaos to the city

Henry VIII

This guy declared himself head of the Anglican Church

1492 CE

Date Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue

1494 CE

Date of the First french invasion


Dude who invented printing press


Decade that the printing press was invented in

1525 CE

Year peasant wars began

Henry the Navigator

Portuguese prince was looking for India and later directed voyages of exploration down the western coast of Africa in search of gold.

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