16 terms

life at the turn at the century

New Immigrant
southern and eastern European immigrants that came to American cities in the 1890's.
angel island
used as an immigration station
Gentlemen's Agreement
an agreement between two parties
Jane Addams
a settlement worker
William Marcy Tweed
a democratic politician who played a big role in 19th century politics
populist Party
based among poor white southern farmers
Old Immigrant
an immigrant that came to the united states during the 1820s-1860s
Benevolent Society
Australia first charity
literacy test
A requirement that citizens pass a literacy test in order to register to vote
Process of assimilating immigrants into American culture by teaching English, American history, and citizenship
Thomas Nast
United States political cartoonist (1840-1902)
Ellis Island
Inspection station for immigrants arriving on the East Coast
Chinese Exclusion Act
(1882) Denied any additional Chinese laborers to enter the country while allowing students and merchants to immigrate.
Settlement House
a center in an underprivileged area that provides community services
Social Gospel
movement that urged Christians to social service
National Grange
social and educational organization for farmers