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2nd cc congress

2nd cc congress petitioned king for
peace (olive branch petition) while preparing for war
Who created the continental congress
2nd cc congress
How many soldiers were in the Continental Army
15000 - 20000
The Continental Army lacked
training and experience
Continental Army advantages
Home Field advantage, fighting for freedom, and a brilliant leader ( George Washington)
British Army advantages
50000 soldiers, well trained, Hessians
trained killers, mercanaries
Bunker Hill British
set up cannons around and pointing at boston, 2000 soldiers climbing in full gear
Bunker Hill Americans
1200 soldiers dug trenches for defense, not a lot of ammo, held soldiers off for 3 retreats, until 4th time the enemy climbed up
Bunker hill deaths
Americans: 400, British: 1000
Who won Bunker Hill
British won, but was a moral victory for americans