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Cell Organelles Quiz


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the organelle that acts as the control center or brain of the cell
the organelle that is the powerhouse of the cell--gives the cell it's energy
the organelle that produces proteins for the cell
the organelle that takes in sunlight and uses it for photosynthesis to give the cell energy
endoplasmic reticulum
the organelle that acts as a highway to move proteins around the cell
golgi bodies
the organelle that packages up proteins and nutrients and sends them off to other parts of the cell
cell wall
the part of a cell that supports and protects plant cells
cell membrane
the part of a cell that acts as a screen letting water and oxygen in and waste out
the organelle that aids the cell in eliminating waste and recycling materials within the cell
the organelle that acts as a storage center for the cell
the gel-like fluid within a cell that aids in organelle movement and gives the cell structure
part of the nucleus that helps control and transmit information throughout the cell

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