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  1. geothermal energy
  2. Extinction
  3. Hydrological Cycle
  4. Energy Pyramid
  5. biofuels
  1. a The continuous process in which water is circulated throughout the Earth and its atmosphere.
  2. b Shows the amount of energy available to pass from one level of a food chain to the next
  3. c are often made from crops that can be replanted or organic waste matter, that is constantly replenishing itself. The most popular type is ethanol.
  4. d Heat from the center of the earth that is used as an energy source, come to the surface in the form of volcanoes, fumaroles, hot springs and geysers.
  5. e death of an entire species.

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  1. A substance that can dissolve another substance, or in which another substance is dissolved, forming a solution. Water is the most common substance.
  2. A gaseous fossil fuel, methane, produced from organic matter that is used to cook and heat homes
  3. To prevent heat from passing through.
  4. The amount of mass in a given space.
  5. A brief burst of energy from teh sun's photosphere

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  1. ModelA picture, idea, or object that represents an object or process.


  2. DissolveA mixture in which particles of one or more substances (the solute) are distributed uniformly throughout another substance (the solvent), so that the mixture is homogeneous.


  3. Sand Dunea hill of sand created by the wind


  4. SymbiosisThe movement of weathered sediments by water, wind, or ice.


  5. PaleontologyThe study of the effects of water as a solid, liquid, or gas in the soil, rocks, and atmosphere.