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  1. Abiotic
  2. Physical State
  3. M. & M.
  4. Ingredient
  5. Goggles
  1. a A property of matter classified as a solid, liquid, or gas.
  2. b A component or substance in a mixture.
  3. c A way to remember the resource Minerals and Metals
  4. d Forms of protective eyewear that enclose the area surrounding the eye in order to prevent particles, water or chemicals from striking the eyes.
  5. e A nonliving part of an ecosystem.

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  1. A structure or behavior that helps an organism survive in its environment
  2. the air that surrounds the Earth.
  3. Sediment on top of older sediment and pressed together.
  4. The study of the effects of water as a solid, liquid, or gas in the soil, rocks, and atmosphere.
  5. Is the recording of data using scientific instruments; and refer to any data collected during an experiment. (Can use your sense)

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  1. Solar EnergyA substance that is dissolved in another substance forming a solution.


  2. DensityIs a temperature scale that refers to a specific temperature on the Celsius scale.


  3. Mass(1) The amount of matter in an object; objects with greater mass have more gravitational pull, such as a large planet. (2) A measure of the amount of matter in an object.


  4. Sedimentary Rockthe apparent path of the Sun across the sky


  5. WeightThe heaviness of an object; a product of its mass and the force of gravity affecting it.