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  1. Solubility
  2. Resin Code
  3. Energy
  4. Open Circuit
  5. Solar Energy
  1. a A circuit that has an opening or break that prevents electricity form flowing.
  2. b The process of obtaining useful energy from the Sun via solar panels.
  3. c The purpose of this code is to help separate items for recycling.
  4. d Substances ability to be dissolved.
  5. e The ability to do work or cause change.

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  1. A situation that occurs when a population becomes too great in number for the area they occupy, so that resources become scarce
  2. The process of being collected or gathered.
  3. Light rays bouncing off the surface of an object.
  4. A material that allows energy (heat)to pass through very easily.
  5. The continuous process in which water is circulated throughout the Earth and its atmosphere.

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  1. ModelA picture, idea, or object that represents an object or process.


  2. M. & M.Liquid, molten rock found below the Earth's surface.


  3. Mass(1) The amount of matter in an object; objects with greater mass have more gravitational pull, such as a large planet. (2) A measure of the amount of matter in an object.


  4. Sound EnergyEnergy produced from a vibrating object.


  5. CelsiusIs a temperature scale that refers to a specific temperature on the Celsius scale.


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