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  1. geothermal energy
  2. Electromagnet
  3. Conclusion
  4. Space Probe
  5. Promienence
  1. a A summary that states if your hypothesis was correct or incorrect and what the investigation showed, based on observations and data. .
  2. b Heat from the center of the earth that is used as an energy source, come to the surface in the form of volcanoes, fumaroles, hot springs and geysers.
  3. c A robot vehicle used to explore deep space.
  4. d a stream of gas that erupts from the surface of the sun
  5. e A temporary magnet made by passing electica current through a wire coiled around an iron bar

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  1. closely packed together; dense
  2. Resources that are never used up as they are being used.
  3. A tool for observing distant objects.
  4. Anything that has mass and takes up space.
  5. The temperature at which a substance changes state from a solid to a liquid.

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  1. Metric SystemIs the measurement system used in all scientific investigations.


  2. AdaptationA structure or behavior that helps an organism survive in its environment


  3. atmospherethe air that surrounds the Earth.


  4. LavaLiquid, molten rock on the Earth's surface.


  5. Experimentrelating to, affected by, or producing heat