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  1. Interdependency
  2. What is the main difference between weather and climate?
  3. Electromagnet
  4. Prehistoric
  5. Competition
  1. a When organisms depend on each other for survival
  2. b A temporary magnet made by passing electica current through a wire coiled around an iron bar
  3. c A contest between organisms for food, territory, or other resources.
  4. d before recorded history
  5. e Cllimate is over a long period of time
    Weather is over a shorter periord of time - changes often

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  1. Not attracted to a magnet because it does not contain iron.
  2. One complete orbit (trip) of a planet around a star or a moon around a planet.
  3. the visable, outer layer of the sun
  4. Extinction on a large scale, such as the extinction of the dinosaurs.
  5. Liquid, molten rock on the Earth's surface.

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  1. DensityThe amount of mass in a given space.


  2. DepositionThe movement of weathered sediments by water, wind, or ice.


  3. MagmaLiquid, molten rock found below the Earth's surface.


  4. PlateThe rigid blocks of crust and upper mantle rock


  5. Fire BlanketIs a safety device designed to extinguish small fires.