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  1. Scuttled
  2. Hubris
  3. Squander
  4. Impetuosity
  5. Officious
  1. a Catious in what you do and say and do not take risks.
  2. b Arrogant pride.
  3. c To waste money and opportunities.
  4. d Eager to tell people what to do, even when you think they shoudnt.
  5. e Quality of acting quickly and uncarefully.

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  1. Closing up.
  2. The quality of showing no concern or interest for others.
  3. Courage in the battlefield.
  4. Examine carefully.
  5. Cannot be dominated.

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  1. AutonomousIdependent.


  2. AstuteAble to understand a situation and use it towards own advantage.


  3. InsolventNot at all harmful or offensive.


  4. PlacidCalm


  5. PunctiliousFull of bitterness and anger.