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  1. Officious
  2. Squander
  3. Callousness
  4. Estrangement
  5. Alleviate
  1. a The quality of showing no concern or interest for others.
  2. b Make less severe.
  3. c Isolation from people.
  4. d Eager to tell people what to do, even when you think they shoudnt.
  5. e To waste money and opportunities.

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  1. To completely get rid of.
  2. Hide true situation.
  3. Arrogant pride.
  4. Quality of acting quickly and uncarefully.
  5. Not very critical, easy to influence.

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  1. InsolventDoes not have enough money to pay their debts.


  2. PeevishCalm


  3. ObstincacyStubbornness.


  4. FraudulentDeliberately deceitful.


  5. PlacidCalm