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  1. Liable
  2. Scrutinize
  3. Squander
  4. Fraudulent
  5. Impressionable
  1. a Not very critical, easy to influence.
  2. b Very likely.
  3. c Deliberately deceitful.
  4. d To waste money and opportunities.
  5. e Examine carefully.

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  1. Able to understand a situation and use it towards own advantage.
  2. Does not have enough money to pay their debts.
  3. Eager to tell people what to do, even when you think they shoudnt.
  4. Closing up.
  5. Careful to behave correctly.

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  1. ObstincacyStubbornness.


  2. EmpatheticQuality of acting quickly and uncarefully.


  3. ScuttledCatious in what you do and say and do not take risks.


  4. IdiosyncraticRather unusual.


  5. HubrisArrogant pride.


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