18 terms

Lesson #11 Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type

get the meaning of
to think that something is true or real
picked or scooped up something
doesn't want to wait
wants; insists on
cannot be done
very mad
How does Farmer Brown feel when he first hears the cows typing?
How does Farmer Brown feel when he gets the first note from the cows?
The setting for this story is —
wintertime on a farm
Read these sentences from the story.
"Sorry. We're closed. No milk today."
Why do the cows put this sign on the barn door?
They won't give milk until they get electric blankets.
When Farmer Brown says, "How can I run a farm with no milk and no eggs!" It shows that he feels --
upset with the cows and hens
What happens AFTER Farmer Brown sends a note demanding eggs and milk?
the cows held a meeting
What deal do the cows offer Farmer Brown?
They'll trade the typewriter for electric blankets.
What is one problem Farmer Brown has in the story?
The ducks keep the typewriter instead of returning it.
Why do the ducks send a note to Farmer Brown?
They have learned from the cows how to get what they want.
Which will most likely happen after Farmer Brown reads the note from the ducks?
Farmer Brown will trade them a diving board for the typewriter.

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